Concord C3 Plasma Bombard

Concord C3 Plasma Bombard

The plasma bombard is the largest and most powerful mobile plasma weapon and uses multiple-coils to generate an extraordinary potent pulse of energy. It is used by heavy support units in most Antarean forces and often carried by heavy combat drones and other heavy vehicles.

This box set contains:

  • One resin/metal Plasma Bombard
  • Three metal Crewmen
  • One metal Drone

Plasma bombards are used to equip heavy support units and are the most powerful plasma based weapon available to most forces. They are constructed with multiple plasma coils, which loop together, a design that is necessary to preserve the integrity of the coils. Even so, the weapon is prone to plasma fade, a recurrent problem with all plasma weapons over time but especially acute with larger weapons such as the plasma bombard.

Being your standard artillery, it would certainly benefit being in cover and towards the back end of your army. However, with such a high strike value (7) you can point the weapon in any direction and nearly guarantee that your opponent will be worrying which unit he'll have to say goodbye to!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted 

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