Alien Facehuggers

Alien Facehuggers

Take a deep breath. The first stage of xenomorph evolution, the Facehugger appears as a pair of long, spindly fingers attached to a long spine-like tail with two fleshy sacs to form the rest of the body. Roughly around three feet in length, they lay coiled within their ovomorph (alien egg) until it is disturbed. 

As the egg’s top flaps peel back, a Facehugger will launch itself towards the unsuspecting victim, using its digits to grasp and hold onto the prospective host’s head. It will then wrap its tail around the throat, ensuring it stays in place long enough to deposit its egg through a long proboscis which it inserts down the creature’s esophagus.

The Facehugger is very weak in combat on its own, and must instead rely on speed and stealth to accomplish its task of infesting a host creature. Once attached, it is almost impossible to remove. The victim is rendered unconscious and any external force trying to remove it runs the risk of killing the host. Cutting the creature off is impossible, as the same acid blood that courses through the larger xenomorphs is also contained within the Facehuggers. Once the egg has been implanted in the victim, the creature releases its grip, detaches itself, and dies shortly thereafter. Fortunately for most yautja, their medical techniques often allow them to expunge the parasite almost as quickly as it is injected.

Box consists of:

  • 5x resin miniatures
  • 1x card

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