Anglo-Zulu War 1879

Anglo-Zulu War 1879

The Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 is coverd in the Black Powder supplement Zulu!  

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British Line Infantry Regiment

Anglo-Zulu War: British Line Infantry RegimentA casual look at Tommy Atkins of the Victorian period ..


Married Zulu Impi

The Zulu army was a formidable foe. Well-trained, well-led, and well-equipped for campaigns, the Zul..


Natal Native Contingent Regiment

Natal Native Contingent RegimentLargely being used as support for the Main British forces in South A..


Unmarried Zulu Impi

Unmarried Zulu ImpiUsuthu! The feared Zulu warcry of 'Kill!' shouted by hundreds of brave, fierce wa..


Zulu! Black Powder Supplement

Zulu! is a Black Powder supplement and covers the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.This lavish 92 page supplem..