Black Powder

Black Powder

A 28mm historical tabletop wargame set during the horse & musket period, covering such conflicts as the Napoleonic Wars, the American War of Independence, the American Civil War and the Anglo-Zulu War.

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Napoleonic Wars Austrian Infantry 1809-1815

Napoleonic Wars: Austrian Infantry 1809-1815The Perry Miniature command consists of an officer, stan..


Napoleonic Wars French Line Infantry (1812-1815) plastic boxed set

Napoleonic Wars: French Line Infantry (1812-1815) plastic boxed setThe Perry figures in the box repr..


Napoleons Berlin Carriage

Napoleon's Berlin CarriageNamed 'Berlin' after the then capital of Brandenburg, the kit includes Old..


Natal Native Contingent Regiment

Natal Native Contingent RegimentLargely being used as support for the Main British forces in South A..


Prussian Landwehr regiment 1813-1815

Prussian Landwehr regiment 1813-1815The Portuguese have never been fond of their Spanish neighbours...


Unmarried Zulu Impi

Unmarried Zulu ImpiUsuthu! The feared Zulu warcry of 'Kill!' shouted by hundreds of brave, fierce wa..


Woodland Indians Tribe

Woodland Indians TribeThe Native Americans had a quandary in deciding who to back, in what must have..


Woodland Indians War Party

French Indian War 1754-1763: Woodland Indians War Party boxed setContains 18 metal models - 12 muske..


Zulu! Black Powder Supplement

Zulu! is a Black Powder supplement and covers the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.This lavish 92 page supplem..