The IMTel is never wrong, they say. This, perhaps arrogant, statement sums up the feel of the C3 on the table: stay aloof, use overwhelming firepower, use the abundance of drones and technology. Whilst they have some units who can stand up well in hand-to-hand, the C3’s greatest asset is their ability to strike at range with the most potent weapons in the Antarean universe.

High points costs means the C3 are often outnumbered on a squad-by-squad basis. This means they must take care to use cover, move fast, strike and back off, and not be afraid to use some of the twists in their squads (a lance trooper and spotter drone upgrades in their normal squads is a great asset). Their support drones are more potent than many first realise. At close range, though, the C3 can take a pummelling from many other factions.

The C3 are great for players who like to keep at a distance, perhaps finesse their battle plan. Visually, they have a curved, technological aesthetic that is a huge contrast to the Ghar and extremely attractive.

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