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Combined Command Starter Army

The military of the Panhuman Concord is organised and directed by a branch of the IMTel called the C..


Concord C3 Drop Squad

Drop troops are the most heavily armoured and armed of the Concord Combined Command’s Strike forces...


Concord C3 Interceptor Command

The ST500 Interceptor bike is a fully sentient drone vehicle that forms a combined combat shard toge..


Concord C3 Interceptor Squad

nterceptor Squads ride high-speed Interceptor bikes that enable them to rapidly deploy in situations..


Concord C3 Plasma Bombard

The plasma bombard is the largest and most powerful mobile plasma weapon and uses multiple-coils to ..


Concord C3M25 Heavy Combat Drone

The M25 series provides the basis for the ultimate fighting machines available to the armed forces o..


Concord C3M4 Combat Drone

The M4 series Combat Drone is the standard template designed fighting drone in the Concord Combined ..


Concord C3M407 (CS) Close Support drone

C3M407 (CS) Close Support drone Unit: concord close support drone Ag Acc Str Res Init Co ..


Concord C3T7 Transporter Drone

The T7 series Transporter Drone is a variant of the M4 series Combat Drone and shares most of its ch..


Concord X-Howitzer

The X-howitzer is a very large magnetic launcher built for lobbing shells over great distances. It i..