Star Fleet Battles Module H1: Megahex

SOLD OUT Star Fleet Battles Module H1: Megahex

This product includes one-inch full-color counters for use with STAR FLEET BATTLES or FEDERATION COMMANDER. You must have a map with 1.25" or larger hexes (such as SFB Module W, or in any of the FEDERATION COMMANDER boxed sets).

The original 'Module H1: Megahex' and 'Module H2: Megahex 2' were products exclusively for Star Fleet Battles, using hand-drawn art for the ship counters. These products have both been combined and replaced with the current 'Module H1: Megahex', published in 2005, and intended for use with both the Star Fleet Battles series and the Federation Commander series|Federation Commander Series

320 1" counters with CGI art by Ted Geibel

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