Black Powder

Black Powder
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A Clash of Eagles

A Clash Of Eagles is a glorious work of passion from the author Adrian McWalter. 200 pages of full-c..


Albion Triumphant Volume 1 - The Peninsular campaign Black Powder Supplement

This is the first of two supplements for the Black Powder game that focuses on the Napoleonic battle..


Albion Triumphant Volume 2 The Hundred Days campaign - Black Powder Supplement

Albion Triumphant Volume 2 The Hundred Days campaign is one of two supplements for the Black Powder ..


American War of Independence Starter Set British Army

New York - 1776, General Washington has been preparing his defences since April.After leading Britis..


American War of Independence Starter Set Continental Army

March 1776 - Continental artillery is placed overlookiing the city of Boston forcing the evacuation ..


Artillery Battery

Marlborough's Wars: Artillery batteryThe effective use of Artillery during this period was still in ..


Black Powder Rule Book

Black Powder is a game for the militarily inclined gentlemen with straight backs, bristling beards a..


Black Powder Supplement Rebellion!

In 1775 the simmering resentment of American colonists exploded into a bloody rebellion. Beginning i..


Black Powder Supplement The Last Argument of Kings

At the beginning of the 18th century, warfare entered a new era. The widespread use of the flintlock..


British Infantry 1775-1783

American War of Independence British Infantry 1775-1783This box contains centre company men (or hat ..


British Infantry Regiment

The British Redcoat of the Revolutionary War was part of a small but well-trained army, stretched al..


British Line Infantry Regiment

Anglo-Zulu War: British Line Infantry RegimentA casual look at Tommy Atkins of the Victorian period ..


British Line Regiment Crimean War 1853-1856

Dressed in his famous Redcoat and either Albert Shako or forage cap for comfort, it was fellows like..


British Regular Infantry boxed set

French Indian War 1754-1763: British Regular Infantry boxed setContains 18 metal models - 12 muskete..


Colonial Militia Men

Colonial Militia Men (Plastic Box)America was a dangerous place to live in the 18th century, the com..