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Blitzkreig Panzergrenadiers

This great value boxed set contains a perfect start to your German Heer army with three squads of Pa..


Blitzkrieg German Infantry plastic boxed set

Representing the classic image of the German infantryman during World War II, these miniatures are e..


Campaign Book: Battle of the Bulge

Despite a spirited defence from the opening hours of the Normandy invasion in June 1944, Hitler’s fo..


D6 Dice Pack - German Balkenkreuz

This dice pack contains 16 white drab dice with black inscriptions, with the famous Balkenkreuz symb..


German Gebirgsjager squad

    Specialist training bred hardened fighters and the Gebirgsjäger (mountain infantr..


German Grenadier Squad in Winter Fatigues

Germany's aggressive campaigns of conquest ensured that her armies would fight in many countries far..


German Grenadiers plastic box set

The German soldier was a formidable opponent in World War II. Tough, well-trained and politically in..


German Kriegsmarine Squad

The men of the Kriegsmarine were often asked to do more than serve at sea. U-Boat and ship crews cou..


German Luftwaffe Field Division Squad

After the the initial spectacular success of the German invasion of Russia in 1941 the invasion slow..


German Pioniers

Germany Assault Pioniers were skilled at building all manner of fortifications, communications lines..


German SS-Sturmbataillon Charlemagne

The Second World War saw many confusing contradictions as politics and ideals clashed in epic campai..


German Volksgrenadiers Squad

Formed around a core of Veteran Troops and armed with the new StG44, the Volksgrenadiers head to bat..


Hetzer Zug

The Hetzer – or Jagdpanzer 38t to give it its proper designation – was a small-sized and cheap alter..


Last Levy, the Defence of Berlin

In the last days of Germany's war, many desperate civilians were drafted into the Volksturm to defen..


Late War Panzergrenadiers

Speeding into the thickest of the action from the armoured confines of their "neue" late war version..