Soviet Union

Soviet Union
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Armies of Soviet Union

This book provides Bolt Action players with all of the information they need to field the military f..


D6 Dice Pack - Soviet Union

This dice pack contains 16 red dice with yellow inscriptions, with the famous Soviet Union hammer an..


Soviet Infantry Siberian Veterans

Siberian Veterans WWII Soviet Infantry Epitomising what Hitler referred to as the -Asiatic Hord..


Soviet Infantry Winter plastic box set

Soviet Infantry (Winter) WW2 Soviet Troops in winter kit. When the German army crashed over the Russ..


Soviet Infantry WW2 Red Army

These are the men who fought ferociously to defend Mother Russia from the German invasion of 1941 th..


Soviet Naval Brigade Box Set

Soviet Naval Brigade The hardened sailors of the Baltic and Black Sea Fleets took to land to he..


Soviet Veteran Squad in Snow Suits

Soviet Veteran Squad in Snow suitsVeterans are formed from the ferocity of war - these battle-h..


Starter Set: Soviet Army

This army deal is made up of the following: 1x plastic T34/85 medium tank 1x Soviet 82mm mortar te..


Starter Set: Soviet Army Expansion

Set contains: Soviet command T34/76 medium tank (plastic) GAZ AAA lorry (double rear axle)M..