Star Fleet Battles Module K: Fast Patrol Ships

SOLD OUT Star Fleet Battles Module K: Fast Patrol Ships

The PT boats of space ransack enemy fleets with their short-range weapons and hot-warp engines just one turn of a wrench from exploding. Too cheap to bother killing, too deadly to ignore!

This module for Star Fleet Battles adds features to the game system:

Fast Patrol Ships: Basic Operations, PF Tender Operations, Interceptors (the prototypes for Fast patrol Ships), PF Leaders, special PF damage Allocation Chart, PF Crew Quality

Entirely new PF rules: Death-Rider Suicide PF's, PF engine burnout.

PF's and PF Tenders: Twenty nine PF tenders, PF docking modules and a dozen PF's including several new variants. Special bonus: Federation F-111 heavy Drone Fighter.

Scenarios and Campaigns: Nine new exciting scenarios, plus a PF campaign and the entirely new space monster BANSHEES!

You must have the Star Fleet Battles Basic Set (or the Master Rulebook) to use this material.

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